Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We all stayed home on Sunday from Church except Charles. Jed, Elise and Lauren are all sick with runny noses and coughs. Ian isn't suppose to go to church until RSV season is over. While Charles was gone I recorded a few video clips the one above is of Laurens favorite song "I love to see the Temple". Below is Lauren singing "Once there was a snowman".

Here we have Lauren doing the ABC's.

Here is Elise doing ABC's when she was around Lauren's age.

A Sweepstakes win!

For those of you who don't know I like to enter sweepstakes. It is a hobby that I enjoy. Right after christmas we were notified that I won a Kodak easyshare digital camera. It came last week. It was suppose to be a 8.0 megapixel camera it turned out tha it was 9.2 mega pixel. We were excited. We have won things here and there. I won a enchanted call from Disney and I had Cinderella call Elise a few days after her birthday! She loved it!!

One Sunday we made some donuts with refridgerated bisquits and dipped them in powdered sugar. Here is a picture of Jed after he ate a donut!

Here is a picture of Jed and Elise with high waters! Jed's pants don't stay up very well!

Friday, January 2, 2009


We took Elise and Ian to the doctor on Monday December 29th. Ian is 2 months old if you can believe it! What is more shocking is that he is 11lbs 2oz now! Both Elise and Ian are healthy and doing well. We think Ian might have reflux too but are waiting to see how he does on new formula.

On Monday we also found out that Charles and I have a new nephew and the kids have a new cousin. Carter Levi was born on Sunday December 28th in California. He was only 2lbs 15oz and 15 inches long. Christy and Kirk went down to California for Christmas and Christy's water broke at 30 weeks on Christmas day! She went into labor again on Sunday and delivered Carter. Please keep them in your prayers. The last we heard is that Carter is doing well but will have to be in the hospital for two months. It is going to be really hard for their family because Kirk has to come back to work in Utah and they have 2 other little boys age 1year and 2 years! After going through all we did with Ian I know how hard it can be for a week not having him home. But they have to do it for 2 months with Carter in California! So please keep them in your prayers!

On a lighter note. I have a great picture of Lauren and Ian. Lauren loves her little brother and she loves laying next to him when he is on the floor. Yesterday Jed was laying with him on the floor and she got mad and tried to get in his way and lay next to Ian! She is quite funny!

Christmas Day

Christmas was very fun!
Santa brought Elise and Lauren a doll house that is 5 feet tall!!

Lauren and Elise were very excited here is a picture of Lauren seeing it for the first time!

Jed got a radio controlled car from Santa. It is a mustang GT.

Here are some more pictures of christmas:

We enjoyed spending time together as a family on Christmas and remembering the birth of our Savior! We hope you enjoyed it as well!

Christmas Eve

We had a great christmas eve. Our tradition is to open a gift on Christmas eve and it is always new pajamas. This year they all match! Lauren got Dora the explorer slippers too. They have Dora heads on her toes and all night she kept saying "Hi Dora!".

After we opened pajamas we went for our traditional drive to look at Christmas lights. We had a good time driving around Springville.

This year we decided to act out the Nativity. It was fun. Jed was Joseph and Elise was Mary. Of course Ian was baby Jesus and Lauren was our sheep!

Here is a video of the nativity. It is really dark. I haven't figured out how to get better lighting on my videos.

Here is our little Sheep Lauren!

Here is Joseph holding the swaddled babe!!

The kids were very excited to get to bed that night so that Santa could come!