Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am a Slacker!! Yes I am!

To update you with the latest from the Johnson household. Next week the kids will be out of school! This month has been busy one. Jed had his choir concert the day before he turned 9 years old! He did great, of course! He may not be in the choir next year. We purchased a piano this year and he wants to have piano lessons instead.

Elise is finishing up first grade. She is getting so big. She is really excited to take swimming lessons this summer and piano lessons this fall. She loves being outside with her friends.

Lauren has discovered her independence. She has friends in the neighborhood that she plays with. Every morning I get asked "Can I go play with my friends yet?" She would go and knock on her friends doors ever fifteen minutes if I let her! We are planning on getting her into dance lessons this fall to help her with her low muscle tone. She is super excited about that!
Ian. What can I say about Ian? He is crazy!! He loves to be outside and thinks that if he gets his clothes on for the day he needs to go outside! He also is our first child to throw tantrums. The other day he say down on the floor hard and said "NO NO!" Then a few days later he sat himself on the floor then threw himself back, so he was laying down. Then he starts to yell. He never cried. Charles and I just looked at each other wondering what in the world he was doing!

I have been getting back into genealogy again. It has been a long time coming. Last month I was able to go to a BYU genealogy conference and the National Genealogical Society conference. That was six full days of classes. It was so great! I had such a great time. Thank you Charles for taking the time off from work and Kirk and Christy for letting me stay at their house.

Charles has been busy putting in our square foot garden and helping Jed with his first pine wood derby car! We were proud of Jed. Last night at scouts he placed 8th out of 15. He was pretty consistent in his races placing third and fourth. It was fun to watch. Coming from a family of all girls this was the very first pinewood derby I have ever been to. To bad I left my memory card for my camera at home or I would have pictures!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Months Have Gone By!

I am online everyday and blogging most days but just not here! Forgive me for that! I am going to try to do better and put this blog on my schedule.

We had a great Christmas and thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson we now have a Wii! We love it and we are much more active as a family because of it. Even Lauren loves to bowl! Her high is a 105 if you can believe it.

Life keeps barreling by and we are trying to enjoy it. We have not had to many sick days this year so far. I have managed to get the last virus, which turned into a bad ear infection. If you known me long you know I get the ear infections with pain worse then childbirth! I am now on my second round of antibiotics to kill it off and it has been two weeks!

Charles is enjoying a little over a week off right now to let me fly to Atlanta, GA for a workshop on Affiliate Marketing. I am really excited to go as I get to me my accountability partner from Chicago, Angie! We speak to each or text of Skype most everyday of the week! We are going to have loads of fun. I hope Charles does to with the kids!

Ian has been able to walk for several weeks now but he is just now consistently trying to stay on his feet. He is fun! He likes to push the button on the television and the dvr, oh and the Wii! Lauren gets very upset when he turns off her shows.

Last night we had our neighbors the Allen's come over for dinner and Family Home Evening. They moved in last November. It was really fun. Elise and their oldest Jayden are in the same class at school. They tell us that they are "in love". Before the Allen's moved here we had heard about Jayden. Elise was already telling us that he was her "boyfriend". It is kind of funny! They have a little girl that is two years older than Lauren and they often play together. They have a little boy that is six months older than Ian and they were playing together last night. It was really fun to watch!

Until next time (it will be sooner than later)!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Am So Behind Posting Here

I have been so busy lately getting a few websites up and going. Life just keeps on flying by! Here are just a few things that have happened since I really wrote last:

We went to our family reunion to the San Bernardino Mountains in California! This was so much fun! We went swimming at the pool and lake and played a lot of games! Below are some pictures of the event.
Jed went on his first waterslide!

We went to the Hopkins family reunion in Honeyville, Utah. It was so fun to see everyone there.
We also went and visited my sister right before school started in Idaho! That was fun!
School started!! Jedidiah started third grade and Elise started first. I can't believe they are getting so big.

Ian is growing so quickly He will be one years old in two weeks. While at the reunion he learned to crawl. He did the army crawl for sometime and now is up on his hands and knees. At his nine month well visit the doctor said he is a little weak (muscle tone) and we need to watch him. So I am anticipating he will not be walking for a little bit. He does cruise along the couch really well and he will sometimes let go and hold his own. Below are a few recent pictures of him.

Lauren turned three and three days later Charles and I celebrated our ninth anniversary on 09/09/09! Another number thing...Charles turned 33 on Sept 3rd and three days later Lauren turned three! We have some number things going right now!

We have officially started canning. Okay well Charles has! He canned 21 quarts of peaches in September and a few weeks ago he canned 21 quarts of applesauce! He did a great job!

Our last news is not great. We were suppose to leave for California yesterday for a river trip down at that Colorado river. We are most likely not going to make it. We are waiting for a final confirmation that Elise has the Swine flu! Yep H1N1! She has been wearing a mask for almost 24 hours now. If she has it she will wear masks for another six days. She will be contagious for a while! We are sad and disappointed that this has happened but I am so grateful she got the symptoms almost 12 hours before we were scheduled to leave. It wouldn't have been fun to be sick on vacation! Lauren doesn't quite understand yet. She keeps asking "When are we are going to the water?" or "When are we leaving to California?" So unless the strep culture they took comes out positive we will be staying put in Utah!