Monday, April 27, 2009

What a weekend!

I feel like a tornado hit the house! I spent all day yesterday in bed. I think that really helped! My fever finally broke for good on Saturday morning. Now it is all in my chest. I am having to do breathing treatments about every 6-8 hours but I see the end in sight!

While I was laid up this weekend I was able to finish two books which was great for me. I read Chat Room (Teri Blake-Addison Mystery Series #2) by Linda Hall. She is such a great author! She keeps you on your toes and I can't ever figure out what is going to happen! I also read The Choice by Nicholas Sparks! Like always I cried! His books are always heart wrenching.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sick Again!

Jed started it! He got sick while on Spring Break. He was throwing up and then started coughing. Then Lauren woke me up at night several time last week. One of the times she woke me up she had a fever around 101F. Then at the beginning of this week Ian starts with a cough and a runny nose. He never got the fever thank heavens! Then there is me. It is in my chest and I am coughing a little but the worst part of all of this is the body aches and fever. I get so cold even though I have a fever and then get so hot!! My fever was up to 102.2F this morning when I got out of bed. It has fluctuated all day but has not gone away. It is some strange virus. So needless to say I have been catching up on movies I have recorded on the DVR today.

The kids have been very helpful. This morning I was laying on the couch and I sat up and was complaining to Jed how I didn't feel good. He got up and got my ice water and said "Here Mom drink this it will make you feel better." Then as soon as he walked in the door from school he said "Are you feeling better?". Elise got Lauren dressed, changed her diaper and helped her do her morning chores. I sure have good kids! This soon shall pass.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures of Ian and Lauren

Here are some cute pictures of Lauren and Ian I took at the end of March. They were sitting in our over sized recliner and here are some of the shots I got! Ian is almost six months old! I can't believe it!

You know it is amazing how all the little things you have to do take up so much time. Just an observation! Mom's do so much not only are they taking care of the kids by teaching, feeding & playing, we also have to clean, organize, pay bills, help with homework, take care insurance & financial matters. I always thought what am I going to do will my time when my kids are all in school. I only have two in school but it seems that before I know it they are home! It is a great blessing to be home and enjoy this time with them! Check out my new post on!

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Look for the Blog

I decided on a new look for the blog! Do you like it? We are doing well now. Lauren is almost over her illness. She ended up sleeping with me the night she had a fever. I was surprised how well she did in our bed. It appears that Jed didn't share the bug he got. Thank heavens for that!! I went to give plasma yesterday. It was my first official time donating! I didn't do so well. I believe the problem was I ate right before I went and that was at 1:30pm. I didn't get set up to actually donate until 4:40pm. So I was very woozy. That put and ice pack behind my neck and got my knees up in the air. I also had a personal fanner (someone fanning me) and some refreshment (a powerade, well actually 3). I felt better soon after. I did feel lightheaded the rest of the day but they say it is normal your first time! So I will try again tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to the time I go. It will be an hour and a half of time I can listen to audio books and pod casts!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Blog

I just started a new blog! You can find it at I am excited about it because as you know I am trying to figure out what I want to do for an internet business. In this blog I am going to post just about everyday about my research and journey into starting this business. Check it out and follow it! I come across a lot of things such as ebooks, software, websites that I will share with others.

The podcast for Charles and Kirk is coming along. I am still doing some research for it. I was delayed by the absence of my computer last week. I am trying to figure out what the best microphone is to get. Any suggestions?

On a more personal note. Today was the first day of the kids spring break. We were woken up to Jed throwing up! Charles had to handle him all morning on his own. I had to go to the doctor and I went to the temple. We had pouring rain this morning and when I came out of the temple the ground was covered in a very thick layer of snow!! I was a bit shocked! So we once again have snow on the ground. To top off the day Lauren is sick with a runny nose and cough! Tonight she is not sleeping well and has a fever of 101.2F. I am not sure what happened!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

General Conference

We really enjoyed conference last weekend. It was wonderful to hear the prophet of God! We also had a great time with Lalana my neice. She came for the weekend from BYU-Idaho. She brought her room mate Tanya too. They are now done with school as of today. So we will have to wait until next fall to see her again!

Without a Computer

This week has been a bit crazy. I lost my social security card. Found my social security card. Tried to give plasma. Was told I couldn't give plasma because my veins were too small. Tried again to give plasma. Told once again I couldn't but for another reason, then I was told to come back next week. Had my computer taken for repairs overnight. Then my computer had to be gone for another day. My computer had to be stripped down and totally restored. Computer is back and working great now! It was crazy to be without my computer. I still had the desktop but my laptop is what I always use! I told Charles it was like having my left arm removed!! The other thing that happened this week is we got a fence in our back yard! It is great! It is completely closed in and vinyl. We have had some beautiful weather this week and we have really enjoyed being in the back yard!