Friday, April 17, 2009

New Look for the Blog

I decided on a new look for the blog! Do you like it? We are doing well now. Lauren is almost over her illness. She ended up sleeping with me the night she had a fever. I was surprised how well she did in our bed. It appears that Jed didn't share the bug he got. Thank heavens for that!! I went to give plasma yesterday. It was my first official time donating! I didn't do so well. I believe the problem was I ate right before I went and that was at 1:30pm. I didn't get set up to actually donate until 4:40pm. So I was very woozy. That put and ice pack behind my neck and got my knees up in the air. I also had a personal fanner (someone fanning me) and some refreshment (a powerade, well actually 3). I felt better soon after. I did feel lightheaded the rest of the day but they say it is normal your first time! So I will try again tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to the time I go. It will be an hour and a half of time I can listen to audio books and pod casts!

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