Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy Busy Time For Us

First of all life has been so hectic around here. Maybe not for the kids but it has been for me. I have three more weeks left in my blogging internship on Mom Giveaways! I don't where time went. If you want to check it out I have tons of info on all kinds of aspects of doing sweepstakes! It has been fun!

So going back a month ago, Jed turned 8 years old! Crazy to think my little 5lb baby is now 8 years old. On JuneBlogger: Forever Johnson - Create Post 6th he was baptized! Yay! He was so excited. We had a lot of family and friends there. He and another little girl were baptized the same day. Okay and get this her last name is Hopkins. Funny isn't it! On the left is a picture of Jed and Charles.

Now going back to May 13th. Jed and Elise had a concert. Jed is in the Mapleton Children's Community Choir and Elise is in New Beginnings. If you don't know it, Jed LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to sing! He is always singing. At the end of school this year his 2nd grade teacher gave him an award that said "The Next American Idol". When he came home with that I asked him why she gave him that. He said she liked his voice. I then asked are you always singing in class? He said "Yes!". I don't know why this is a surprise at all to me since I have to tell him to quit singing in his bed or he will wake Ian up!

Anyway back to May 13th. Jed and Elise had a concert that was held in the Prove Tabernacle. They did great! Here are two videos! They both include Jed having two solos and Elise with a speaking part! It was really fun!

The only thing that has happened other than these is that school ended. With school ending came kindergarten graduation for Elise. I forgot my camera at her graduation so we do not have a picture. Now here is my personal opinion about kindergarten is dumb and a waste of time! We did preschool graduation which I think is great but other than high school and maybe junior high I think kindergarten graduation is just dumb. We crowded into a very hot cafeteria to see all the kindergartners sin songs and then we went home. They didn't get their diplomas until the next day. So those are my two cents for what they are worth. Of course despite my feelings Elise did fabulous!

So I think this post is long enough! I am hoping to update it more than once a month! You can check out my blog Danielle's Journey and of course Mom Giveaways. There you will be able to see what I am doing each day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Am a Slacker!

Okay so I just saw that I haven't posted anything for a whole month! I have been so busy with my internship that I have let this blog slide! I am so sorry! I have pictures and a few videos that I need to post on here. Jed had his 8th birthday, his baptism, his concert and they all finished school. So life has been busy!! I am not going to post any pictures or videos today because I don't have time. I did want to say we are happy and (currently) healthy. I will probably post more on Sunday since that is my day to do all family things. No business or internship activities are done on Sunday it is truly my day of rest (and time to do genealogy)! So I will update you all on everything then!