Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures of Ian and Lauren

Here are some cute pictures of Lauren and Ian I took at the end of March. They were sitting in our over sized recliner and here are some of the shots I got! Ian is almost six months old! I can't believe it!

You know it is amazing how all the little things you have to do take up so much time. Just an observation! Mom's do so much not only are they taking care of the kids by teaching, feeding & playing, we also have to clean, organize, pay bills, help with homework, take care insurance & financial matters. I always thought what am I going to do will my time when my kids are all in school. I only have two in school but it seems that before I know it they are home! It is a great blessing to be home and enjoy this time with them! Check out my new post on www.daniellesjourney.com!


Mariah said...

Wow... you have such cute kids! I can't believe how big Lauren is now! Ian is such a cute little boy! And mom's are super hero's undercover.... at least that's what my mom tells us! lol!! Enjoy your little ones!


P.S. Check out my blog to keep up with all the happenings here!

Derek & Kelli said...

One of these days we have to get together. Derek will be home next month. You sound busy yourself. Me, "psycho" comes to mind:) Busy beyond keeping track of. And always a new curve coming... some day I will actually get to call you! Oh, and good luck on the internship!