Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am a Slacker!! Yes I am!

To update you with the latest from the Johnson household. Next week the kids will be out of school! This month has been busy one. Jed had his choir concert the day before he turned 9 years old! He did great, of course! He may not be in the choir next year. We purchased a piano this year and he wants to have piano lessons instead.

Elise is finishing up first grade. She is getting so big. She is really excited to take swimming lessons this summer and piano lessons this fall. She loves being outside with her friends.

Lauren has discovered her independence. She has friends in the neighborhood that she plays with. Every morning I get asked "Can I go play with my friends yet?" She would go and knock on her friends doors ever fifteen minutes if I let her! We are planning on getting her into dance lessons this fall to help her with her low muscle tone. She is super excited about that!
Ian. What can I say about Ian? He is crazy!! He loves to be outside and thinks that if he gets his clothes on for the day he needs to go outside! He also is our first child to throw tantrums. The other day he say down on the floor hard and said "NO NO!" Then a few days later he sat himself on the floor then threw himself back, so he was laying down. Then he starts to yell. He never cried. Charles and I just looked at each other wondering what in the world he was doing!

I have been getting back into genealogy again. It has been a long time coming. Last month I was able to go to a BYU genealogy conference and the National Genealogical Society conference. That was six full days of classes. It was so great! I had such a great time. Thank you Charles for taking the time off from work and Kirk and Christy for letting me stay at their house.

Charles has been busy putting in our square foot garden and helping Jed with his first pine wood derby car! We were proud of Jed. Last night at scouts he placed 8th out of 15. He was pretty consistent in his races placing third and fourth. It was fun to watch. Coming from a family of all girls this was the very first pinewood derby I have ever been to. To bad I left my memory card for my camera at home or I would have pictures!

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