Friday, February 6, 2009

Ear infections and Fever!

On Wednesday Elise woke us up early because her ear was hurting. She was given medicine and that was the end of it until she got to school. She is only there for 2 hours on Wednesday and she called me every hour saying she didn't feel good. I managed to keep her in school and take her to the doctor afterwards (well Charles took her). She has and ear infection and all that night laid on the couch in pain.

On Thursday morning Lauren just laid around the house. She was especially lethargic! I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said nothing. If you know Lauren she loves to eat and will eat most anything! Then she said she wanted to got to bed!! This is from the girl that says everday "Go bed anymore!". Meaning she does not take naps!! She was a little warm but I didn't take her temperature. When she got up Charles says she is really warm! I took her temperature and she had a fever of 102.4F. So 24 hours later Charles was headed to the doctor again with a different child. She has an ear infection to. We started her on medicine last night. This morning she was just the same as yesterday! Very lethargic! Her temp was only 101F today. I was expecting to have to take Ian in today and continue the trend but no!

I called the doctor and we have to stay home with Ian for another month. That means keeping him home as much as possible and not going to church with him. I was ready to go to church as a family again this Sunday but no luck!

Today I got another sweepstakes win!! WOOHOO!! It came in the mail and it was a $50 American Express gift card!! We were excited since we will be going to California in another week!! It will come in handy.

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