Sunday, May 3, 2009

Six degrees of Separation

I was talking to Charles recently about six degrees of separation. My sister informed me that this was originally a book. I haven't looked it up yet but I believe her. So I got to thinking this week and realized I am less than six degrees to a lot of people. So her is a few of my degrees of separation. I am now a blogging intern for Kelly McCausey. She is now the General Editor of which is run by Wendy Piersall. I found Kelly through I found Sparkplugging by watching the Today show one morning when Wendy was on. Now she was interviewed by Meredith Vieira. So I am five or six degrees from a bunch of people that Meridith has interview!! Crazy! Here is another one. I went high school and was good friend with Sharon Scalabrine. I knew her brother Brian Scalabrine who happens to be a NBA player. He plays for the Boston Celtics. So that means I am three-six degrees away from a whole heckuva lot of basketball players. Okay one more my brother-in-law married a great girl in 2007 and her name is Becky maiden name Mortensen. Now Becky has an uncle who is a commentator (or something like that) on ESPN for football. His name is Chris Mortensen. So there you go! Not that any of this makes me better than anyone else. It was fun though. I think we all have connections to people. It may not matter but again it is fun to think about!

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