Thursday, December 11, 2008

Temple Square Family Night

We went to temple square on Monday night for our Family night. We went with Kirk and Christy and their little family. It was cold but fun. We went to Burger King first for dinner. Then we were off to Temple Square. It was beautiful! I haven't been for at least fifteen years! It is a great way to celebrate the holidays in Utah!


Miskee said...

Hey Danielle! We miss you and Gracie wants to tell Elise that she love her.This is her words.. I am in kidergarten and in ballet and in Awana. We miss you in the MOMS Club and the coupon clippings! LOL! Kylee is in the Maplewood Preschool now and loves it. I am babysitting a few days a week. I wish we could have saw you guys before you left! We keep in contact this way! I have myspace page though and have tons of pics of the girls. Check them out! Take care and God Bless! Love in Christ the Staggs

Danielle said...

Melissa, It is great to hear from you! I miss Ohio and everyone there! The MOMS club was great. I haven't found one out here. We have been too busy to do anything anyway!
Keep in touch!