Friday, March 13, 2009

I am Poky these days!

I just realized it has been so long since I posted last! I have been super busy! I started a new business. Of course you know I love to enter sweepstakes! So I started a business handprinting 3x5 cards or papers for people. Most mail in sweepstakes require you to send in printed 3x5 cards with your name, address, phone number. It is time consuming to fill these out. So I do it for others. I know most of you don't need my services but check out my website I am proud!! I have had only one order so far but her daughter is running a sweepstakes banquet in Maryland and emailed me to see if I wanted to donate or advertise there! Of couse I said "YES!". There will be at least 70 people attending, so I will get a little exposure!

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