Saturday, March 28, 2009

Future Podcasters!!

I have been studying up to start a new business. Yes, Yes, I know!! I am always starting something new! I want to start a website or two of things I really like, such as being frugal, sweepstakes and genealogy. As I was reading up on somethings this week I was reading about podcasting. So I got the idea that Charles and his brother Kirk could do a podcast on Sports!! They both LOVE sports and could talk forever about sports. Not only can they talk forever about sports but they can be quite entertaining to listen to when they get together. So I finally convinced Charles to call Kirk. They both agreed! Yeah!! So now I have to do all the research on how to run a podcast, you know, all the nuts and bolts! If anyone has any knowledge on the subject let me know. We are also going to be putting up a blog that Charles and maybe Kirk (haven't talked to him about that) will update daily about what is going on in sports. I don't know about Kirk but Charles is a fabulous writer (he just hates to) so it will be fun to see what he writes!

One of my visiting teachers was telling me about how her husband started a podcast and then was contacted to do a radio show and now he is on a board for latino issues. So things can happen. If people like their podcast maybe they will get a sponser and so on. We will see if not they will just have a lot of fun together each week!

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