Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Months Have Gone By!

I am online everyday and blogging most days but just not here! Forgive me for that! I am going to try to do better and put this blog on my schedule.

We had a great Christmas and thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson we now have a Wii! We love it and we are much more active as a family because of it. Even Lauren loves to bowl! Her high is a 105 if you can believe it.

Life keeps barreling by and we are trying to enjoy it. We have not had to many sick days this year so far. I have managed to get the last virus, which turned into a bad ear infection. If you known me long you know I get the ear infections with pain worse then childbirth! I am now on my second round of antibiotics to kill it off and it has been two weeks!

Charles is enjoying a little over a week off right now to let me fly to Atlanta, GA for a workshop on Affiliate Marketing. I am really excited to go as I get to me my accountability partner from Chicago, Angie! We speak to each or text of Skype most everyday of the week! We are going to have loads of fun. I hope Charles does to with the kids!

Ian has been able to walk for several weeks now but he is just now consistently trying to stay on his feet. He is fun! He likes to push the button on the television and the dvr, oh and the Wii! Lauren gets very upset when he turns off her shows.

Last night we had our neighbors the Allen's come over for dinner and Family Home Evening. They moved in last November. It was really fun. Elise and their oldest Jayden are in the same class at school. They tell us that they are "in love". Before the Allen's moved here we had heard about Jayden. Elise was already telling us that he was her "boyfriend". It is kind of funny! They have a little girl that is two years older than Lauren and they often play together. They have a little boy that is six months older than Ian and they were playing together last night. It was really fun to watch!

Until next time (it will be sooner than later)!

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Mels said...

hope your trip is wonderful:)